WISE: Wien – International Soloists Ensemble

WISE: Wien – International Soloists Ensemble is a chamber music ensemble, founded in 2013 by established musicians from all over the Globe, to make music together and bring it closer to the broadest audience possible.

W is for Wien:

WISE is based in Vienna, the city of classical music. We have a strong connection to the here standing long musical tradition, and play many of the fruits of the rich repertoire spanning over centuries of history and ranging from chamber to orchestral music, but also engage in finding and breathing life into new exciting works of high musical quality and beauty.

I is for International:

WISE members come from all corners of the globe, and it is essential that they do. We believe that through good musicianship, we can even easily – connect, cooperate and create beauty with one another, no matter what our geographical, cultural or social background is. We cherish our differences and try to bring them together through the universal language of music, in order to enrich our interpretations through different perspectives.

S is for Soloists:

The soloist is a grandmaster of his or her instrument. A master-instrumentalist has spent thousands of hours alone with their instrument in attaining the ability to reach a meditative state of playing with perfect grace at will, and under any sort of performance pressure. All members of WISE take pride in having reached this level individually, but the beauty of chamber music and lies therein, that the egotism of individuality (although it remains present) is put behind

solidarity and harmony.

E is for Ensemble

Ensemble means together, at the same time. But definition itself does not make an ensemble – it is the ability to fully understand the music and each other and by thinking, feeling and playing in the absolute harmony create the interpretation that will touch the listener, make them think, open them new perspectives, and maybe even inspire…

Our mutual goal, that brings such heterogenous ensemble together, is to emotionally and intellectually connect with each other through the past and future masterpieces in an inspired and innovative performances, so that we engage (and build up!) an open, broader and critical audience that will enjoy the music together with us – in Vienna, and worldwide.

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