Andrea Nikolić

Leader | Artistic Director

Andrea Nikolić has established herself as one of the most exciting and versatile artists of her generation. She is founder, general & artistic director and president of WISE.

Angela Chia Chen Lin


Angela Chia Chen Lin, MA, is one of the ensemble's most active and diverse violinists. Born in Taiwan, she chose Vienna as her home. She plays in numerous orchestras and is the assistant leader of WISE and the 2nd violinist of the CIPRA Quartet.

Giuseppe Zappala


Giuseppe Zappala is an Italian violist based and educated in Vienna (MDW). His dedication to music makes him one of the best in his generation, as he is active as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral leader. He is a violist of the WISE Piano Quintett.

Stipe Bilić


Stipe Bilić is an internationally active concert pianist and piano professor, specialised in chamber music and Lied interpretation. He is project assistant and secretary of WISE.

Weronika Strugala


Weronika Izabella Strugala, Dr.Artium, has established herself as a leading cellist of her generation, performing as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral leader. She is a solo cellist of WISE, IWA Trio, and CIPRA Quartet.

Constantin Siepermann


Constantin Paul Siepermann is among his generation's most successful cellists, winning international scholarships and competitions since his earliest age. Being a passionate chamber musician, he is the cellist of the WISE Piano Quintett.

Ivana Nikolić


Ivana Nikolić is an internationally active oboe soloist and oboe professor, specialised in chamber music and orchestral performance. She is co-founder and vice-president of WISE.

Weronika Izert


Weronika Anna Izert, MA, is an accomplished viola soloist and chamber musician, playing in several established ensembles. Graduate of MDW, after obtaining her degrees in Poland, she is as violist of WISE and CIPRA Quartett.

Hessamedin Fana

Architect | Visual Designer

Hessamedin Fana is a senior architectural designer, working internationally on diverse and engaging projects. He is head of visual design and treasurer of WISE.

Dominika Witowicz


Dominika Witowicz is one of the most sought-after violinists, active as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player. Winning a position in the Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Zeitvertrag 2023), she is also WISE Quintett's 2nd violinist.